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Registration For The Action Star Competition

There are multiple prizes up for grabs in actor training (Anima Studios) and stunt training (Stunt Academy) with a number of Movie Studio Contract. There is only One Ultimate Winner who will be flown to Hollywood for their stunt training, auditions and be offered a Movie Studio Contract.

Register into the competition is easy
but you need to plan a few things to give yourself the best chance of achieving your goal. You can register today in the form below but you need to know when and where you can compete.

The 2017 Action Star Competition is run in association with the Australia Martial Arts Championships (AMAC) 9th - 10th December offering a ($35,000+ PRIZE POOL).

The TOP 21 will be featured in the Reality TV Series and will do a Live Group Performance broadcast around the globe. This is the chance you have been looking for to raise your profile, shine on screen and start your tv / movie career.

You can reserve your place in the Sydney Action Star today as there is a limit on registrations. Booking early will secure your spot but also will get you in the right mindset to perpare yourself / your team.


Australian Martial Arts Championships (National Tiltes) & Action Star Competition

How do you get the chance to be an Action Star and the Face of Martial Arts?
Everyone can enter (Adults / Children 13+ & Male / Female) are eligible to enter the Nationals for the Grand Prizes. There will also be place getter prizes too. 
1.Fill out the registration form and make payment ($150 per team)
2.Get your team together and get your coach to guide you
3.You don’t have to qualify in AMAC for Sydney you just use it to gain more experience and points
4.You will have 3mins to dazzle the judges and to get into the top 10 / 3 6.Get your friends / family to vote for you as soon as your profile appears on the website

The smartest people will recognise the opportunity to practice their performance at the AMAC State titles, gain extra points and experience. When you enter the main arena 9th December you will know the ropes and have had a chance to polish your performance infront of a crowd.

Trung Ly one of the Judges says they will be looking for five film criteria inconjunction with existing martial arts skills.

Personality: show presence and naturalness, the ability to stay in character during choreography.

Reactions: show facial expression in continuity to the choreography and using facial expressions to react to change in situations (getting hit is it hard hit? or soft hit? are you angry? or surprised? must apply appropriate reactions and body movement).

Choreography: requires story to convey a message, add conflict and resolution some acting is required to tell the story ,non -verbal preferred. 

Action: ability to show and understand the action genre , the types of action used and display appropriate acting (e.g action comedy need to be funny ,die -hard action need to look hard hitting, disaster action apocalypse fighting zombies, zombies need to fight like zombies ....also ninjas do not do MMA) action needs to be credible for any genre selected.

Character building: ability to create a character by non-verbal means and build the character during the choreography (if the stakes were higher audience will love your character more). 


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